Acc 205 Week 2 Complete Essay

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ACC 205 WEEK 2 COMPLETE A+ Graded (Latest) Tutorial available at: ASSIGNMENT: Acc 205_Week Two Exercise Solution 1. Classification of items for Ron Carroll Company DQ 1 Accounting Cycle Financial statements are a product of the accounting cycle. Think about two different companies: a manufacturing company, and a retail company. Why would different companies have different accounting cycles? Would you expect the steps of the accounting cycle to be the same for each company? Why or why not? DQ 2 Bank Reconciliation What is the purpose of bank reconciliation? What are the reasons for differences between the cash reported in the accounting records and the cash balance in the bank statements? Analyze several of your peers’ posts. Let at least two of your peers know what happens to the discrepancies between the book balance and the bank balance. Could these differences just be written off? Week 2 Journal Income Statement Journal The income statement measures the income and expenses of a company over a specific period of time. Reflecting on your personal financial statement for the past month, can you apply the principles of the income statement? What did you learn from this experience? WELCOME TO HOMEWORK PROVIDERS! Homework Providers is an online leading platform that provides homework assignment help, online courses tutorials for your college, University assignments. Each purchased paper can be an awesome study guide for you! Join now the rows of thousands of happy students that use for their homework assignment help. This is leading online re-souse of study, final exam, midterm exam help for all University cources. For any More Information contact us at:
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