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Capital Punishment Have you ever actually seen news of innocent people being executed by capital punishment and wonder if one day you might be convicted into death penalty and was actually not supposed to be? Do you think it is right to take away a human life just because that human has taken one away? Do families and friends of those criminals deserve to suffer and go through hard times when they are innocent? I believe that capital punishment should be abolished because there is a possibility in executing genuinely innocent people, it does not deter crimes, and its effect on family and friends of criminals. As long as the capital punishment is still around, innocent people will sooner or later be executed by it. There is always the possibility in executing genuinely innocent people. Since1973, over 130 people have been released from death row with evidence of their innocence[1]. However, there were still cases where misleading witnesses and insufficient evidences that still lead to execute a convict and eventually took away an innocent life. In 1981 Gary Graham charged for robbery and murder with a supporting of only one witness. Bernadine Skillern saw the criminal face from inside her car 30-40 feet away. There were other witnesses from the grocery store assuring that Graham was not the criminal, but the witnesses never interviewed by Graham’s attorney in court. Graham ended up executed by a death penalty in 2000[2]. Therefore, capital punishment should be abolished and instead should take alternative ways to punish the criminals and allow them to do other exoneration on what they have done. Capital punishment does not deter crimes in society. By having a capital punishment does not guarantee a safer community. According to Wisconsin Coalition Against the Death Penalty, in the United states, a state with no capital punishment policy like
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