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Amy Miller English 1022 Marty Sharp January 31, 2011 Steps for Academic Writing It is somewhat difficult, it is somewhat frustrating, and somewhat a challenge. No, it is not dating, it is academic writing. According to Chris Thaiss and Terry Zawacki, who wrote Engaged Writers, Dynamic Disciplines: Research on the Academic Writing Life, defined academic writing broadly as “any writing that fulfills a purpose of education in a college or university in the United States (Thaiss and Zawacki 4).” Academic writing is everywhere a college student can look; history books, journals, research papers, and other entries where sources are listed. Writing a strong academic paper takes a hefty amount of time and effort. The opening sentence in the introduction is key to grab the reader’s attention because a reader must be engaged and attracted to the paper. Learning how to avoid grammar, fragment, and spelling errors started way back in elementary school, but can still be difficult to perfect. Critical thinking is an important element to academic writing, and sources are a huge part to a paper because sources add credibility to a paper. At the end of a paper it is crucial for a paper to be reviewed and proof-read from a trust worthy intellectual. There are many steps to take to be an effective academic writer. Grabbing the audiences’ attention is the first step of a paper. The introduction sentence is the first impression of a paper; the saying is true “first impressions are very important.” The introduction sentence must attract the readers. For the most part, there are three kinds of sentences to use in an introduction sentence. The first is a surprising fact, and the fact needs to be related to the paper. For an example, if the topic of a paper was about hippopotamuses, an interesting fact would be: According to the African Wildlife Foundation “a hippo can open its

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