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Academic Writing and Publishing Matters for the scholar-researcher First edition 2010 Dr Anne Murphy Directorate of Academic Affairs IntroDuctIon the genesis and purpose of this book Over the recent decades I have had the task of preparing many different sets of resources for higher education students, particularly adult students, around study skills and techniques, and around the whole area of academic writing and publishing. Over that time technologies and access to electronic resources have changed considerably. What has not changed though is the need for the scholar-researcher to develop the skills required to communicate their ideas and their knowledge to readers, particularly in theses, journal articles and conference papers. The first study skills guide I wrote was specifically for adult students on an undergraduate modular programmes, some of whom may not have completed second level education. There was considerable classroom support at the initial stage. However, the study skills guide was used as a resource throughout the years as specific needs emerged. The second guide was aimed at postgraduate students who may not have been actively involved in academic writing since their initial degree years, or indeed, who may have come to their postgraduate studies through craft and work-based learning routes. The second guide focused on the thesis as an exercise in scholarly research and writing which could lead to publications later. What were evident over the years are two important principles. The first is that adult learners, whether at undergraduate or postgraduate levels, are highly motivated and effective learners when they get appropriate induction and support. The second is that adults extract precise information for immediate, relevant application in guides that are really useful. These two principles informed the design of the DIT Learn@Work

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