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Academic Vs. Casual Written Communication Essay

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Below is an essay on "Academic Vs. Casual Written Communication" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

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Academic vs. Casual Written Communication

Casual Written Communication

• Types of Communication
    o E-mails
    o Text messages
    o Instant messages
    o Friendly letters
• Audience
    o Friends
    o Family
    o Coworkers

Components of Casual Written Communication

• Very casual tone
• No worries about capitalization, punctuation, spacing, or spelling
• Abbreviations are used frequently

Example of Acceptable Casual Written Communication

• hi Stephanie!
  How are u doing?i am doing great. Things are really well here in phoenix.it is so hot here I am frying! LOL! I hope to c u soon! Your friend,maggie

Academic Written Communication

• Types of Communication
    o Responses to discussion questions
    o Responses for participation
    o Activities or assignments
• Audience
    o Instructors
    o Classmates

Components of Academic Written Communication

• More formal and professional tone
• Attention to grammar and spelling
• Practice academic writing

Tips for Academic Written Communication

• Always check capitalization, punctuation, spelling, and spacing.
• Avoid using abbreviations.
• Avoid using contractions such as didn’t, don’t, can’t.
    o Instead, use did not, do not, cannot.
• Avoid using slang words such as gonna, wanna, gotta, lots.
    o Instead, use going to, want to, have to, a great deal, a lot.
• Use Microsoft® Word for editing: Spell-Check & Grammar-Check

Examples of Academic Written Communication

• Unacceptable:
    o Hi Stephanie, i have had the same type of experences with my family since I’ve decied to go to school.they have been lots of help and are gr8!My kids are doing more around the house & are everone working wth my school schdule.
• Acceptable:
    o Hi Stephanie, I have had the same type of experiences with my family since I have decided to return to school. They have been very supportive and are great! My kids are doing...

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