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Academic Trouble and Freshmen Essay

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  • on December 3, 2013
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Academic Trouble in Freshmen
If a college freshman had to choose between attending the biggest party of the semester and studying for an exam, what do you think they would do? The people who chose to study would be more likely to pass their exam, while the ones who partied might fail. This is just one of the many dilemmas that contribute to new college freshman having academic trouble. Other factors cause first-year students to struggle with their education. Three main causes why freshmen find themselves failing to keep up academically are their failure to adjustment to college work, lack of motivation, and environmental factors.
As new students, freshmen fail to realize how different college is from high school. The amount of work and the quality demanded in a typical grade school and a university is greater than many students realize. Before college, most work assigned were in smaller amounts with longer periods to complete the work. College, unlike high school, gives a student large amounts of homework that is due in less amount of time. Also, during ninth to twelve grade years, students spend a minimal amount of time studying outside of the classroom. In an institute that changes. Majority of the material learned in college is learned outside of the classroom.
One of the greatest changes that freshmen struggle with is increase in freedom. Unlike at home, students don’t have parents and teachers monitoring their choices. There is no one to say “do your homework” or “you cannot go out tonight.” The students that decide to not use their new found freedom responsibly tend to face the consequences when it comes to their grade. Even though friends, parents, and faculty may advise it, the decisions and consequences of a freshman are ultimately their own.
Lastly, environmental factors affect the academic status of freshmen. Some of those factors are bad friends and homesickness. Having a bad friend can easily influence bad behaviors on others. For example, a bad...

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