Academic Stress And Reaction To Stress

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Academic Stress and Reaction to Stress among Eastern Caribbean Students and Local Virgin Island Students Residing On-campus at University of the Virgin Islands Independent Study Presented to Dr. Ronald Harrigan University of the Virgin Islands Abstract Table of Contents Chapter 1: Introduction and Background * Statement of Purpose * Research Questions Chapter 2: Literature Review * Academic Stress * Reactions * Gender and Stress Chapter 3: Methodology * Participants * Instruments * Procedure (Data Collection) Chapter 4: Results (Data Analysis) Chapter 5: Discussion * Limitations * Recommendations Chapter 6: Conclusion CHAPTER 1: Introduction and Background Attending college is an exciting and positive experience for many students; however, it can also be a stressful time as well. The added pressures of maintaining a satisfactory grade point average, taking the right classes, getting into internships and research opportunities and so on are all part of the process of excelling in an educational and even social environment. For many American students, college is merely a change in environment, but for international students it is more than that. International students don’t only have to adapt to a change in education system, but also to cultural changes and sometimes a language change in order to succeed with their educational pursuit (Misra and Castillo, 2004). As a result, international students experience more adjustment problems in American colleges than do American students (Misra, Crist, and Burant, 2003). International students and American students do share common characteristics in that they are all after the same goal, to pursue a higher education degree. Despite the obvious differences in cultural values, social, religious, and political backgrounds, international students
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