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The Welcome Table Sonya Nixon ENG125: Intro to Literature December 17th 2012 There were many interesting stories I enjoyed reading throughout each chapter. Each story had different themes and elements. The most interesting story that stood out to me was “The Welcome Table” by Alice Walker. Many experiences the old lady in this story endured reminded me a lot of the stories I was told by my grandmother about her life. The statement at the beginning of the story is what drawed me in: I’m going to sit at the welcome table; shout my troubles over; walk and talk with Jesus; tell God how you treat me; one of these days. After reading the full story and understanding how the old woman was being described, I realized that the theme of this story was about a weary old woman that has accomplished many things but was treated like dirt. But just because she wanted to go to heaven and have eternal life, she smiled at the way she was being treated because she knew if she continued to do right by others she would see the day were she could walk and talk with Jesus. There were many symbols used in this story to describe the old lady, the scene and what was going on. It actually painted a picture of how the old woman looked, how she was dressed and the things she was experiencing throughout the story. The author made it very easy and intriguing to read because the story was so detailed. The way the plot was illustrated in this story made me want to keep reading just to see what was to come of the old lady. I wouldn’t have never guessed that the old lady in this story would have ended up going on a journey with Jesus just like she had mentioned at the beginning of this story. This weary old woman had accomplished so much good and did so much for other people in her lifetime but was not given the proper recognition for the good she has done. Instead she was talked about,

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