Academic Integrity: Case Study

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Cher this is a website I used. Spring 2014 Assignment # 2 1) How would you define ethical learning and academic integrity? I would define ethics learning as the ability to prepare our students to develop the necessary skills needed to living a productive life in our society by providing an environment that is conductive for learning. Academic integrity is holding them account for your action, promoting growth whereby they learn to be responsibility and treating other with respect. According to the Center for Academic Integrity (CAI) is teaching students to become model citizens who are honesty, trustworthy, fairness, respectful, and responsibility regardless of consequences.…show more content…
Learning how my students think is essential when teaching the gifted. Once I get acquainted, I administrator a pre-posttest to determine their progress so that I can effectively provide individual differential instruction. Common Core State Standards places emphasizes on rigor and relevant. I choose activities that are giving challenges, while enhance student learning. This year, I will have each group to write a code of conduct that they will follow. 4) How would you ensure that you are being ethical in your teaching of gifted students? To ensure that I am being ethical in my teaching of gifted students is attend workshops and conferences to improve my methods of teaching. By joining the National Association for Gifted Children will keep, inform on the last research and teaching strategies. 5) What are the reasons these questions are important? These are question are because, it make me realize how important is it to serve and provide a service to my gifted student that will change their lives, increasing learning and develop the untapped potential that is waiting to burst
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