Academic Integrity Assessment

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Torell Wallace Writing is an important, almost vital, part of everyday living. In this paragraph I am going to discuss the importance of writing academically and professionally. Academically writing is vital. As a student writing helps you produce facts, statements, and opinions without getting confused and without confusing your reader or audience. A student can use writing as a learning experience as well; by using the material obtained to ask worthwhile questions, explain details to readers, and get feedback from the material. This allows a student to obtain maturity and flexibility, as well as, evaluate the adequacy of details or information being presented in the writing. Writing is also a vital job skill in the professional world. In every career path an employee is expected to create some kind of note, memo, email, or report; all of these require effective communication. In most professions, individuals start at entry level positions and based on their job performance, their position expands. Proper job performance includes the effectiveness of good writing skills. Poor writing skills can hold an employee back from expanding and growing within the company. Poor writing, grammar, and communication can be reason enough for a poor work performance evaluation, it could lead management to believe that an employee has a low level of intelligence, and poor writing could keep an employee from being promoted into a management position. . According to Webster’s dictionary, the definition of the word integrity is, “the quality of being honest and fair or the state of being complete or whole”. Integrity is important in writing for a couple of reasons; persuasion and establishing integrity in a writing provides a whole viewpoint without bias. When creating a piece of work in which you are trying to persuade an audience to believe one way or the other, integrity is

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