Academic Integrity Essay

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Following academic integrity is an important element of a students’ academic experience in all levels of school instruction. The academic evaluation a student receives for a course becomes permanent on a student records, and it is critical that these records be exact and reliable. “The construct academic integrity culture represents the shared values of an academic institution_s members regarding maintaining integrity in the educational process as well as preventing and punishing instances of misconduct (Jawahar, Kisamore, and Stone, 2007).” Academic integrity also provides a foundation for responsible conduct in a student’s life during each class he or she take now and in future courses. Academic integrity means honesty and accountability to team members and to class mates, but especially oneself. Words are very powerful and meaningful; therefore, it is important to use them truthfully, accurately, and responsibly. Research should be accurate both in terms of how information is managed and how it is recognized. Ones work should be original work, not copied from someone else without recognition. Personal writings should be correct and truthful and should represent their knowledge and personal input on that subject. What a student writes about and how they write it represents who they are and what kind of student they will be. Being a student, one has to have the initiative to be honest and fully participate in all courses by turning in original work, properly acknowledging sources, and practicing honesty with other students and faculty. During a student’s academic life, they will be asked to do many assignments that require research and with newfound knowledge, realizing that these must be properly documented. In the future they will also be asked to solve difficult questions and ask to complete written papers that will require original thinking and that will
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