Academic Integrity Essay

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Reflective Summary on Academic Integrity Gregory Lee Course April 23, 2011 Instructor It is imperative that citation rules are adequately utilized in the proper format and manner, when writing a research paper or any other writing that involves another writer’s and/or writers’ words, sentences, phrases etc. Further, as a research writer or any writer who may be utilizing another writer’s or writers’ research or written material to convey a specific issue, argument, fact etc., it is important to acknowledge the use of that/those writer’s or writers’ words, sentences, phrases etc., to maintain a sense of credibility, integrity and respect. This can be accomplished if citation rules are carefully followed in all respects when citing or using another’s writing in whole, in part to buttress an idea or add credence to statements. Further, if any portion of the writing does not have any indication of coming from or being from another writer’s or writers’ work then it should be clear that it is original. Therefore no computer resource matching software should locate matching phrases etc. within any portion or portions of written material that has been deemed original. Otherwise the content of the written material should be original. However, the citation rules may not be enough to avoid the potential danger of plagiarism as it can be more complicated when multiple resource materials are used and cited throughout an article. There may be variations in the choice of words utilized but if it conveys the same message then it may be difficult to determine whether the original author should be acknowledged. Thus is important to maintain a sense of responsibility and respect to another’s writing by acknowledging same even if paraphrasing or using other words to convey the same or

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