Academic Honesty Uniiversity Of Phoenix Essay

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I think in any case when considering that aspects of academic honesty or for that matter academic dishonesty. One should keep and mind and that the average student is always torn between the idea of to cheat or not to. I am willing to bet that this is extremely true for the online students. That this very ethical dilemma is far more an issue for today’s students than in earlier years. If you think about it the majority of students today or in general attempt to conduct themselves in as honest and forth right manner as humanly possible. Yet the all too rising reality is that many schools, these ranging from high schools to universities, are experiencing an extremely devastating rise in academic dishonesty across the board. I think a lot of this has to do with the creation of the internet. The easy access to multiple works published and un published a like. It’s rather tantalizing the whole idea when life is super busy and there a place in any Google search to buy any paper you want for 5 bucks. The truth is in this situation that the internet environment that has greatly enhanced most of the lives of just about anyone I know, especially students that study online. Unfortunately the consequence is that any other great resource is that students when given the chance can and have been known to abuse it. This being the case it ends up being used to foster what I like to call scholastic dishonesty. The good news is as much as the internet provides students a gateway to academic dishonesty it at the same time holds the keys to keeping it under control. Considering how much we spend to go to school today. To educate ourselves and become better people there are still those that unfortunately who will attempt to get around the common and yet basic standards for academic behavior by participating in the practice known as plagiarism. This is commonly done by the blatant

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