Academic Evaluation of the Teaching Session

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CW2 1500 word academic evaluation of the teaching session This paper will academically evaluate the teaching session “ Recovery and My Shared Pathway (MSP) focused care planning”. The teaching session took place in a small meeting room of ward, those attending were two student nurses, a preceptorship nurse, two health care assistants, a substance misuse worker and a psychologist making a total of seven people.The author also chose to gain professional support from their mentor by asking for a peer supported review to gain insight into their own teaching methods (Peel 2005). Prior to the teaching session during clinical supervision the two students had identified that they were unaware of the “My Shared Pathway,(MSP)” until this placement area, justifying a positive self concept as self-directed adults taking responsibility for their own learning (Quinn 2001). They felt confident with some prior knowledge of the recovery approach, however it was mutually agreed that attending this teaching session would be beneficial to both their current and future practice. By identifying the students learning needs I was also able to recognise what I would have to do to facilitate an environment that would be conductive of learning for everyone. The small group of participants were from different backgrounds and disciplines enabling learning opportunities for all that were involved, as it is recognised that peer teaching assists student nurses to progress and enhance a diversity of skills (Christiansen and Jenson 2008). As it has been noted, it is necessary that those within a group must be able to interact with others (Hargie and Dickson 2004), therefore this teaching session was designed to encourage participation from those attending. Before the facilitation of this learning session the concepts of andragogy were considered to allow the students to take

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