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The Causes & Effects of Teenage Pregnancy Teenage pregnancy has been a growing concern for centuries now. It’s usually frowned upon by the community and causes many problems. Teenagers cannot take on the responsibility of having a child. Teenage pregnancy can affect us physically and emotionally. This essay states some of the common causes and effects of teenage pregnancy. One of the main causes of teenage pregnancy is carefree or casual sex without the thought of becoming pregnant. This happens when the male or female is just thinking about having sex and not taking the precautions necessary to getting pregnant. This is why you must take preventive measures before having sex like condoms, birth control and even counseling. The effects from these results in getting pregnant and a fifty-fifty chance of being a single parent. Most males run off when the thought of being a father is presented due to immaturity. Lack of guidance from elders and not having parents around to talk to about sex is another leading concern in teenage pregnancy. Parent’s play a key role in their children’s lives and children tend to look up to what their parents are doing. If you’re a teenage mother then there’s an even greater chance your daughter will be a teen mom too. (The National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy). Sometimes when there is no love present in the home, girls go out looking for love in all the wrong places like in men, that’s when sex comes into the picture. Parents need to make sure their kids feel love and wanted at home first then the likelihood of them going out looking for love will be reduced. Another cause of teenage pregnancy is peer pressure. We all understand how peer pressure can be and the effects can be terrible. Wanting to fit in, low self-esteem and lack of friends are all key pointers to peer pressure. Most teenagers think that just because their

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