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“JOURNEY” Summer sale is over. Racks are empty. Mannequins have been undressed. Floral wall-covering has been replaced by hand-painted terracotta-colored maple leaves. Cashmere sweater, faux-fur coat, and knee-high boots are in lines, all ready. Two hours ago, my very last friend was adopted – yes, the one with red soles. Me over her? Impossible! She has the charm. Hand-stitched to perfection. Dusted with diamonds. Half-priced. Moi? Plain brown thing your granny would wear. I’m not a lifetime investment. 2006. That’s exactly how I felt towards my best friend. Count to ten. Imagine walking down the hall. You politely ease your way through the group gathered in front of the class. Then, there it was. ”The” legendary table - with three-sentence conversation written anonymously. “Beth’s pretty.” “What about her friend?” “Katy pretty? What a joke! ” Now consider yourself Katy. Ouch. No worries. Katy wasn’t you. Katy was me. It wasn’t an issue until our principal mentioned this during an assembly all eight graders attended. I was too big to cry, but it hurt too much to laugh. I stood in front of the mirror later, criticized the reflection I saw. My self-esteem dropped to its lowest point when I realized I was trying to be “Beth”: a mistake I wanted to end. My alter ego was born. I started building my “brand” –I’m the blank canvas this time. 2011. Undoubtedly, I have the same addiction as Becky Bloomwood (Sophie Kinsella’s infamous character). My mutual relationships with discount cards are enviable. Perfectly-draped ombre-charmeuse stimulates my brain to instantly fall for its beauty. The scent of Italian leather never fails to impress me. I was drawn to a new “role”: personal shopper to several friends. Shopping without threatening your wallet, come on, who wouldn’t want that? I secretly felt like a hero, sometimes. Not the kind who dressed up in a

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