Academic Cheating Essay

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Today, academic cheating is a problem that affects all schools in the US. Students depending on cheating are not learn anything for their personal benefit, and will soon be a behavior throughout their life. Many students cheat just for receiving a passing grade and impressing their parents. Are those good reasons for academic cheating? Parental pressure will generate the need to cheat academically. Even though their son or daughter is a good student, they will cheat to prove their parents that they are smart, and that they can achieve their goals from school. Many parents want their children follow their education footstep. Therefore, they give their children more pressure Many students have job and other priorities that seem important rather than focusing study on a certain subject. And if that certain subject cannot be soon resolved, they will be prompted to cheat in order to avoid the bad grade. In addition, a forgetful student will also cheat in order to avoid consequence caused by unconcern at school. Every cause for academic cheating has a solution. Academic cheating may be caused by student’s failure to study assigned academic work and their lack of knowledge for that specific subject. Many students will suggest cheating as their easy way out of studying, others just forget about studying and use cheating as their method to pass the class. Students may not manage their study time appropriately because the subject may not interest them or other situations and they will consider cheating in order to get the passing grade Why do students take the easy way out? This is the question that I believe have never been answered by students who engage in academic

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