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Marie R. Davis 130 Chestnut Street Fairmont WV, 26554 Student ID # F0027464 June 20, 2012 Pierpont Community and Technical College Academic Appeal Board 1201 Locust Ave Fairmont WV, 26554 Dear: Satisfactory Academic Progress Committee There were inevitable circumstances that occurred which led to my drop in my GPA. These circumstances were health related for myself. I had to undergo a full hysterectomy. The procedure was done in the middle of the semester. I made every attempt to try and postpone until the end of the semester but I was having reoccurring cysts on my ovary which had me in the hospital several times prior to my procedure. My procedure required 6 weeks of recovery time. I made arrangements for me to try a complete…show more content…
Jennifer Weist after she provided me a suspension waiver for the 2011 Summer Term so that I could complete M ATH 0094 courses. This course was paid by me and passed. I continued to prove how important school is to me by passing the Fall 2011 semester with a GPA of 2.50. If I didn’t have undergone this surgery I believe and know I would have passed the Spring semester. I requested and INC for MATH 1107 from Professor Harris and was denied. I do believe this is because Professor Harris has retired. The F that I received in MATH 1107 was unjustified. I believe that I completed at least 10% of the work and should have been awarded the INC due to the circumstances. I explained to Prof Harris before I left that there was a possibility I would have to take an INC. When I did contact Prof. Harris after my procedure she did not what to give me the INC saying that I didn’t finish at least 10% of the work which is in my opinion cannot be if I have enough work in to give me midterm grades which at the time I was facing a D. I do agree that tutor was needed but if given the proper chance to receive tutor service I would have passed. I was unable to be on campus to go to the tutoring center. My procedure was something that had to be done. I tried to speak with Dr. Anthony Gilberiti, Dean-Science, Math, and Technology, and was denied again. Dr. Gilberiti advised me to do an appeal grade but believed it would get

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