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1) Most of the students were advised from their parents, relative and friends about their courses of study. Only few students view academic advising as a meaning full and a positive outcome way of collage and universities. An academic advisor can assist student to select classes, help them to plan their major, guide about the graduation requirements, universities or collages policies and look into internship and procedures. Academic advisor can be a really helpful for students to achieve their goals on time if students come in once a semester to meet his or her advisor to go over his or her courses and plans for the future. 2) just like in this article "According to pascarella and terenzini, academic advising can directly affect students persistence and probability of graduating, or have indirect effects through grades, intentions, or satisfaction with the student role." This statement tells that academic advisor makes students think and let them to discover options, frame questions, gather information, and make decision which can lead them to have a successful feature. It describe that academic advising is helpful for students so colleges and universities should design such programs like Academic advising based on responsibility and focused on students success. 3) In another article it says “Develop good working relationships with college personnel critical to student success including but not limited to those in admissions, financial aid, academic departments, the registrar's office, disability services, tutoring, counseling, and career services”. This statement describes that Academic advising help to develop valuable relationship between teachers and students. They help them to understand their choices as a students and the effect of those decisions on their future plans. Through open-ended questions and discussions, academic advisers valuable relationship

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