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What do you prefer: living in peace with releasing your personal information or keeping your personal information secrete with living in risk? According to Rasmussen Reports (2008) 51% of Americans say that safety is more important than privacy. Unfortunately, there are still people who believe that privacy is the most important. They might don't know the meaning of privacy and safety. Privacy can be defined as the case when people decide when, how, and to what extent they want their information to be shared with others (Westin, 1967). However, safety has a totally different meaning. In a simple way, safety can be defined as the case of protecting people, society, and the natural environment from any danger (Elagin, 1996). Even simpler, safety is the opposite of danger. These two definitions show the difference between safety and privacy, so from these definitions we should know which one is more important in life than the other. Maybe in the past days privacy was more important, but in this paper I will prove that in the recent days people should believe that safety is more important than privacy. Somebody could ask me: why do I want to prove that safety is more important than privacy? I would immediately answer with two questions: do you remember what happened on September 11th in the World Trade Center? Do you know that if the US government considered safety to be the first priority nothing could have been happened? Before that day (September 11th), the US government didn't want to go beyond any person's civil right which is the privacy right and release any information about any person (Sabaini, 2001). Because of this, the attackers took advantage of the opportunity and kept their information away as one of their civil rights then they invaded the safety of the society. The attackers knew that privacy was a big issue in the US at that time and the government

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