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PEST-C Analysis of Five Countries Pradeep karki Royal Roads University Author Note This paper is presented by Pradeep karki for subject- International Business Strategy taught by Dr Michele Vincenti PEST-C Analysis of Five Countries PEST-C analysis is a method of assess the external macro- environment for the companies to operate. Before entering into business or making decisions, it is important to 'scan' the external environment. This can be achieved through a PEST-C analysis, i.e. an investigation of the Political, Economic, Social and Technological and Cultural Analysis influences on a business If we look into the details of these four factors, it is easily understood that political factors consists of rules, and regulations, various policies, laws etc. Economic Factors take into account the economic condition of the country, inflation, exchange rates and other issues related to economy. Similarly Social factors include the social parameters like population, culture, traditions, health, education, development etc. Technological Factors on the other hand looks into the technological development. It is important as this factor may lower barriers to entry, reduce and influence outsourcing decisions. Efficiency is also impacted by this. The following is the PEST Analysis of the countries along with cultural aspects: India Political Analysis: India is world’s largest democracy. The government has taken decision at policy level like relaxation of the foreign exchange and equity regulations, reduction of tariffs on imports, and refining the banking policies to enhance the growth of industry. Along with institutionalization of auto- mobile finance has further paved the way to sustain a long-term high growth for the industry Due to government’s role as a

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