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Associate Level Material Appendix F Academic Honesty Articles Worksheet Resource: University Library Find at least two articles on the subject of academic honesty in the University Library. Complete the chart below. | Article 1 | Article 2 | What keyword search did you use to find the article? | Academic Honesty | Academic honestyContract cheatingEthicsPlagiarism | In which database did you locate the article? | Education Research Complete | Education Research | What is the title of the article? | Supporting Academic Honesty in Online Courses. | Contract cheating: a new challenge for academic honesty? | Who is the author or authors? | Patricia McGee | Mary WalkerCynthia Townley | When was the article published? | January 2013 | March 2012 | Was the article peer reviewed? | Yes | Yes | Outline three major points the author made in the article. | why students cheat and plagiarize, types of dishonesty in online courses, Strategies to minimize violations and institutional strategies that have proven to be successful. | contract cheating is a concern, some of the suggested responses are themselves problematic, and that best practice responses to the issue should avoid moral panic and remain focused on supporting honest students and good academic practice. | What did the author conclude in the article? What were the findings? | With the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008 (HEOA) requirement that online course providers reduce opportunities to cheat and verify student identity, all involved with course delivery must be informed about and involved in issues related to academic dishonesty. | Contract cheating' has recently emerged as a form of academic dishonesty. It involves students contracting out their coursework to writers in order to submit the purchased assignments as their own work, usually via the internet. This form of cheating involves

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