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The Final Reflection Justin Lavender ACA 115 12/6/11 I am here to talk to you about my final reflection of the ACA 115 class that i attended. In this paper, I will talk about the four themes; Transition to College, Learning Skills, Self-Discovery, and Career Exploration. I will fully discuss these themes and how they will help me in my future classes and in my career. First, I am here to tell you about the first theme; it is Transition to College. In order for you to make that big transition to college you have to make sure that you understand how things are gonna be different like you have to show up everyday for you classes, participate during class time to show your instructor that you are willing to learn the material at hand, and sitting down with your instructor if you don’t understand how to do it, it might form a relationship between you and the instructor and build your respect for each other. Second, I will tell you about the second theme; it is Learning Skills. In order to make your learning skills better you should practice note-taking, test-taking, time management, course analysis, and reading. My academic success has changed a lot since i started this semester. I started taking better notes and studying them for test-taking, I started managing my time to study for homework and still have time for fun and stuff, and I started reading and understand my course studies. Third, I will tell you about the third theme; it is Self-Discovery. In my transition to college I learned about my Learning Styles, Peal Motivators, Personal Values, and Work Values. In my Learning Styles my preferred styles are active, intuitive, visual and global. In my Peak Motivators are self-expression, leadership, achievement, recognition, and personal interests. In my Personal Values my seven most important values are power, love, physical appearance, physical health,

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