Abusive Situations Essay

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Abusive Situations Provide a comprehensive explanation of the factors that may lead to abusive situations. There is no one explanation for abuse, it can stem from many different situations and causes, such as cultural differences, family stress or caregiving stress. In many cases of abuse within families is a continuation that has been occurring in the family for many years, for example if a child sees his father being violently abusive towards his mother and she doesn’t do anything about and stays in that situation for years, the child may grow up thinking that this is a normal way of life and become an abuser themselves when they reach adulthood, but it can also be said that this is not always the case and many people who have come from abusive backgrounds are kind and caring people. Another situation within families could be that if a young adult has been physically abused by their parents they may take the opportunity, when their parents because older and more fragile, to ‘turn the tables’ on the abusing parent and withhold food or warmth or even under or over medicate them when they have come to rely on their son or daughter to take care of them. Lack of awareness in caring for older adults can lead to abusive situations. If a family member decides to care for an elderly relative, they may not realise exactly what they are taking on and how much work and care is involved. An elderly person’s care needs change and increase and go beyond what the family member is capable of doing by themselves. The relatives may find themselves in an unfamiliar situation and feel isolated and stressed and even become depressed and having to deal with their elderly relatives care needs and they may let standards slip such as not providing appropriate clothing for the weather, just giving them t-shirt to wear in winter, not providing enough supervision to make sure they

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