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Abusive Relationships: “Living In Fear” “Stop!” “Please Don’t!” “I Love You, Why are you doing this!” “I’m sorry”! These are just some of the many things that a woman can say while being abused. There is an estimate of 60 to 75 percent of women in substance abuse treatment programs that have experienced partner violence during their lifetimes. According to Statman, “Statistics indicate that one American woman out of every two will be physically abused at some time in her life by the man she loves and lives with” (2). What is the cause of abuse? Why me? All of these questions are just some of many that a woman might ask herself. Abusive relationships are characterized by extreme jealousy, holding back emotions, lack of intimacy, verbal abuse, threats, lies, physical violence, broken promises, infidelity, and control games (Statman 17). However, abuse is not only physical it can also be emotional. Many women believe that emotional abuse is not abuse, but it can be just as damaging as physical abuse. It is harder to recognize because you are actually not being beat but yet you are getting hurt emotionally with all the horrible words that your partner is telling you. Some of the most powerful and most used words that are used during verbal abuse are; bitch, cunt, stupid, worthless, and ugly (NiCarthy 5). Neither physical abuse nor mental abuse should be tolerated. Emotional abuse is as damaging as physical abuse. However, it is often harder to recognize, and therefore to recover from. Emotional abuse causes long term self esteem issues. After the abuse, it usually alternates with declarations of love, and statements that they will change. According to Nicarthy, “this is usually known as a “hook” to keep their partner in the relationship (11). I believe that emotional abuse if just as harsh as physical abuse. Just for the fact that you are getting

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