Abusive Relationships Essay

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Abusive Relationships Lorraine Pevia-Green In our chapter reading we have looked at friendship, love, marriage, and intimate relationships. We have studied the aspects of these relationships and the different roles that individuals play in them. In this paper we will look more closely at the negative side of relationships in reference to abuse and violence. In order to understand abusive relationships and why individuals stay in these relationships we must first look at the different types of abuse and different characteristics of abusers. Lastly we will explore why individuals stay in these relationships. The first thing in understanding abusive relationships is understanding the different types of abuse that can occur in relationships. Battering is defined as encompassing physical abuse, emotional abuse, and sexual abuse of an intimate partner (pg. 331). Physical abuse includes hitting, biting, choking, pushing, etc. Emotional abuse includes name calling, controlling behaviors such as socially, embarrassing the other, etc. Sexual abuse is characterized by forcing the other to engage in sexual things, or controlling or manipulating the partner. One type of abuse our book does not mention is neglect. “You can end up neglecting your children or family members without even realizing it. You may be too busy with work or your life to fulfill emotional and other needs of the people you love and care” (Martin.2010.Para 2). Abusers come in all different types of individuals. There are no single indicators that a person is or will be an abusive partner. There are some common factors that take place though that could be issues to look at; unemployment, drinking and drug problems, a tendency to anger easily, attitudes that condone aggression and high stress (pg. 332). In looking at the different types of abuse that can occur and the different types of abusers we
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