Abuse, Signs and Symptoms Essay

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P3 Task 3 Possible types of abuse, signs and symptoms of child abuse and why it is improtant to follow the policies and procedures of the work setting. physical abuse definition of physical abuse physical abuse is when a child is physcially hurt or injured. Physical abuse may involve hitting, shaking, throwing, poisoning, burning or scalding, drowning, suffocating and causing physical harm to a child by proupose. and physical abuse can sometime lead a child to death. signs of physical abuse children have accidents, like bumps and falls, which cause injury. However, you may have reasons for thinking that an injury maybe have done puropsely. you could tell that by: · an injury strikes you as odd for example you have seen a mark on the child's arm that looks very much done by purposely. · a child is injured repeatedly for example a child has been coming to the school with injurys more often then usual. · a parent delays seeking treatment for example you might have seen a mark that is gone worse then before and you have told the parents to treat but the parents doesnt do anything about it still. · a parent or child gives unconvincing or inconsistent explanations about an injury. for example a child might tell you another story on what happen to them and the parents might tell you another. symptoms of physical abuse a child may come to the school injured with a strange explanation of the cause of the injury. The child's injury may not be recent that can show the symptoms of the phyical abuse. there are many symptoms of the physical abuse which are: · Black eyes a child may come to the school with an black eye often. this could mean that the child is bein abused. · Broken bones that are unusual and unexplained · Bruise marks shaped like hands, fingers, or objects · Bruises in areas where normal childhood activities would not usually result in

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