Abuse of Power in Lord of the Flies Essay

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Abuse of power through Lord of the Flies Lord of the Flies, a novel written by Nobel Prize winner William Golding, demonstrates superior examples about abuse of power and what it reveals about society. For an example, the British Gentlemen is not likely to participate in corruption, but which happens frequently throughout the novel centered on English boys. Firstly as expressed as in the novel Lord of the Flies, abuse of power can be achieved through fear and manipulation. It is seen when Jack, a boy stranded on the island and who later becomes the authoritative figure, introduces fear to the boys’ minds to maintain his power/leadership. Secondly, abuse of power causes the destruction of our society’s democracy. Golding demonstrates this concept through Ralph, the group’s former democratic leader, being opposed by Jack. Thirdly, abuse of power destroys our society’s spirituality. An evident example is how Jack’s tribe murder Simon, the boy who is more spiritually matured than others. Therefore William Golding, addressing abuse of power through concepts such as fear and manipulation reveals that abuse of power causes the destruction of our society’s democracy and spirituality. Symbolism, language and setting are used in lord of the flies to demonstrate abuse of power through fear and manipulation. The symbol ‘beast’ is used by Jack, who can be identified as an authoritative leader, to introduce fear into the boys’ minds of his tribe to remain in power. “‘But didn’t we, didn’t we—?’ He squirmed and looked down. ‘No!’ In the silence that followed each savage flinched away from his individual memory. ‘No! How could we—kill—it?’” (Golding 177). The beast is a creature in the depths of the boys’ minds, all humanity, who brings upon death and destruction. Jack mentioning its name in the midst of crisis, murder of Simon, and also representing it as an immortal

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