Abuse Is Not Fun Essay

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The early years were good. Sometimes they were a bit vague from the health issues, but all in all a good time. My dad got remarried when I was going into the 3rd grade. At first it was good until we moved to a new town. My dad had taken a good job in a bigger town where the money was better. When my dad married my mom, they both had two children. Between them they also had another child. I was always doing what I was told to do. I did the work that had been assigned to me. My older stepbrother did not always do his work and of course my dad brought that point out in discussions. My stepmom did not take kindly to having her son looked down upon and my life became hazardous. I averaged one beating every three to four months and I walked straight until the next one. When I called them beatings, I did not mean I was whipped. There were bruises normally. No matter what I did, my stepmother found a reason to talk down to me and call me stupid. Since I made the highest grades of all my brothers and sisters, the derogatory name calling never did help my self-esteem. One day I had admittedly done something wrong and my dad chewed me out for disobeying him. I walked by my stepmom who decided to physically hit and smack me. I had reached my limit of the abuse and I was no longer going to take the abuse. No matter how many times she hit me, I did not feel it because of my anger. It took my dad shaking me to break my anger. After that point, my stepmother did not hit me again. I had reached the point of being big enough that she could not hurt me. Since the physical abuse could not be accomplished by my stepmom, it stepped up the level of verbal abuse. No matter what I did, she did not compliment me ever. By this time though, three of my older siblings had already left home. Not for abuse reasons, but more for moving into a career in something. Once I reached

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