Abuse and Trauma

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1. Describe why it is important to report Abuse. (AC4.1) Those who are vulnerable, like the elderly are more likely to be a victim of abuse, however abuse can happen to anybody, by anyone, at any time. This is why it is important to know the different types of abuse and the possible signs of it, as it can help provide victims of abuse with safety and protection. Furthermore In relation to child abuse children usually cannot do it themselves. Children are raised to trust adults, and if an adult abuses them, they feel they deserved it, think that it is wrong to speak out against him/her, or are afraid of the consequences of speaking up. Reporting child abuse is important in order to protect a child from injury or possibly death. If abuse is to be prevented, we need to act upon our suspicions, by reporting it. Any concerns or worries should be discussed with the relevant authorities. The quicker any form of abuse is detected the more likely help and support can be given to the victim and perpetrator of abuse. This is a very delicate and difficult situation for the child who may have been abused you must make sure that the childs best interest is kept at the frontline, and at the same time explain that sexual advances from adults are wrong and against the law. Give them the confidence to assert themselves against any adult who attempts to abuse them. 2. Discuss which aspects of reporting Abuse the victim would find difficult. (AC4.2) ‘Being a victim of any kind of crime can be frightening and upsetting. However, rape and sexual assault are particularly distressing crimes for the victim and the effects can last for a long time. People, who have been through this, describe feeling frightened, guilty, powerless, angry, ashamed and depressed, and having difficulty eating, sleeping or concentrating. Many victims feel that they have lost control over their lives
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