Abuse and Neglect Essay

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Student ID: After our research we can conclude that there are many types of abuse which come in many forms. For example, there is physical abuse, sexual abuse and exploitation, neglect and emotional abuse. All of the types of child abuse and neglect mentioned above may leave long lasting physical and emotional scars on children that will follow and haunt the children throughout their development process. The task that we as educators have is to better understand what these children are going through in order to help them get through this traumatic and life changing event known as abuse. In order to do so it is important to truly understand what abuse and neglect is. What is abuse? Abuse includes mistreatment, neglect or physical or verbally inflicted pain that a child or adolescent. This pain may be inflicted by someone they trust or depend on, such as a parent, sibling, other relative, caregiver or guardian. Abuse can take place anywhere and may occur, for example, within the child's home or that of someone known to the child. When a child is abused the scarring leaves long lasting effects that will be carried throughout the child’s life, it will damage the child’s self-esteem, and it will ruin children’s relationships with others and the child’s ability to form new relationships. In addition, it will affect the child’s ability to function at home, at the daycare or at school. Some long lasting effects include: lack of trust and relationship difficulties, feeling worthless and trouble regulating emotions. In addition to the above mentioned effects, abuse and neglect will affect children in all areas of their development which include their physical, emotional, cognitive and social development. In addition, to effecting children’s development it has multiple effects on development throughout the different stages of development such as during infancy,

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