Abuse Against Women Essay

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Hello fellow students, my name is Liam and I will be giving you this speech about Domestic Violence and why we have to act on the problem now before it gets out of hand. I chose this topic of domestic violence because not many people know how big of a problem this is in Australia. Domestic violence is violence by another family member, friend or partner. It can be physical, include physical, verbal, emotional, economic, physiological or sexuall types of abuses or violence. It usually happens when the person is not getting what they want to get physical and mentally, to gain control over the other person, jealousy of another person, anger or revenge. This is and ever growing problem in Australia, and it doesn’t just affect the low socio-economic people, it affects all ages, backgrounds and socio-economic status. So throughout this speech I hope that I will give you an insight which is the #1 cause to homelessness in Australia and why we need to act now before it is too late. The one hit killers have been dominating the headlines recently with a couple of people dying each year from the incidents, but do you realise that 45 people died in Victoria alone last year from domestic violence compared to 91 people dying from one punch killers in the last 14 years. I feel that this topic I chose is not getting enough attention of what damage it causes to tens of thousands of families throughout Australia. With over 60,000 families being affected by domestic violence and only about 50% of them have been reported, it is and astonishing number. We cannot stop this from happening because they will always be those stupid people in this world who would want to inflict harm to other loved ones; however we can heavily reduce this number, but just doing some simple things. We can spread the word and inform others on how to get help and get out of the sticky situations. Domestic

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