Abuse Essay

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Assessment Record This form is used to record details of activities: Tick as appropriate I. Observed by assessor Discussion II. Seen by witness Knowledge Questions III. Self reflective account Questioning IV. Feedback Documents Seen By Assessor NB The person who observed you must sign and date the bottom of the sheet. Candidate Name: |Links to |Date of Activity: | | | | |EVIDENCE | | | |NB: this sheet is to be used for either full or multiple unit records | |Units No |Out |Outcome No | | | |come | | | |205 |1 |1 |Physical Abuse. In physical abuse there will be physical injuries but no explanation or definite knowledge of how| | | | |the injuries were sustained, but there could be a suspicion that the injuries were intentionally inflicted. | | | | |Sexual Abuse. Sexual abuse does not always mean it was sexual contact. Sexual abuse can also be non-contact such | | | | |as looking, pornographic photography, indecent exposure, harassment, unwanted teasing or innuendos. | | | |

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