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Types, Possible Reasons For And Effects Of Abuse For the first part of this assignment I will be describing six different types of abuse, four most common types of abuse and two other forms of abuse that may affect adults in a health and social care setting. The four most common types of abuse I am going to be describing are physical abuse, sexual abuse, financial abuse and neglect. Physical Abuse Any type of physical contact can possibly be known as a type of physical abuse depending on the intention for the action. Actions which are involved in bullying such as pushing, kicking, slapping and hitting are classed as common assault and can subject to criminal prosecution. If a service user is being difficult or doesn’t understand what is going on and is getting irritated then a member of staff may lose their temper with the service user and result in slapping or hitting the service user. When a member of staff is in a difficult circumstance then they may result in physical harm not meaning to harm the service user but react inappropriately. (Stretch, B. 2007.) Some indicators for physical abuse is that you may notice the service user has injuries such as bruises, welts, cuts, burns, bite marks and fractures, you may also notice that the service user flinches, shakes, acts scared and has bald patches where their hair has been pulled out. You may notice that the injuries that the service user is getting are being repeated over a period of time and that the injury is in a form of a shape or pattern such as a hand, buckle, teeth or cigarette burn. (Webteam, T. (2014).) Sexual Abuse Sexual abuse can range from the service user being touched to them being raped. If a member of staff is sexually abusing a service user then this is against professional guidelines and illegal as they should only be caring for the service user not abusing them. Some staff pick on

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