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Elder abuse is a serious problem that affects thousands of elderly citizens each year. Nursing home abuse happens in many forms and is all damaging in one way or another. Nursing home abuse can be in form of emotional, physical, financial, homicide, sexual, neglect, inappropriate restraints, isolation, and verbal. One of the biggest forms of abuse in nursing homes is neglect. Neglect can happen because of lack of training of staff, overcrowded facility with lack of aids to care for patients. When staff become overworked and have more patients to care for then they can handle they sometimes cut corners, and this results in neglect. Neglect is a serious condition and usually results in the decline of general health of the resident. I think too often people do not ask the right questions and do not have enough knowledge to identify the signs related to abuse. It may be difficult to spot signs of abuse because people tend to define abuse as different things. Unfortunately, staff that are the abusers usually use excuses such as the victim is clumsy or difficult to work with. In my investigation I found that these employees put up a front while people are visiting the nursing homes and that some family members or visitors are not observant to all of this. Working on this paper really opened my eyes up to a whole new problem in our world. Before volunteering at Loretto’s, I was aware of the abuse that goes on in nursing homes, but I had no idea that it occurred so frequently and seriously. I believe that many people know that it goes on but there are a high number that do not even know of this kind of abuse nor how serious it is and can

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