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health and social care level 1 2) SHOW THE PURPOSE OF DIFFERENT TYPES OF SERVICES PROVIDED. CARE HOMES: A care home is a place where people can live and have their care needs met by trained staff in homely surroundings. Care homes all have staff that have been trained to provide you with care in accordance with National Care Standards. Care homes are required to be registered and inspected by Care Inspectorate. Care homes which are registered with the Care Inspectorate to provide nursing care have trained nurses and can also provide additional equipment when you need it. Care homes which are registered with the Care Inspectorate to provide residential care do not provide nursing staff but can contact a community nurse to visit you should you need it. Care homes may be owned and run by Local Authorities, private individuals and companies or the voluntary sector. All homes provide meals and trained staff on call at all times. LEARNING DISABILITIES: Learning disability used to be known as mental handicap or mental retardation. Other terms sometimes used are general or global developmental delay. Another term, increasingly used, is intellectual disability. A child with a general learning disability finds it more difficult to learn, understand and do things compared to other children of the same age. Like all children and young people, children with learning disabilities can continue to progress and learn throughout their childhood - but more slowly. The degree of disability can vary greatly. Some children with severe disability will never learn to speak and when they grow up will need help with looking after them, feeding, dressing or going to the toilet. Other children with mild learning disability can grow up to be independent. General learning disability is different from specific learning difficulty which means

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