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204 / Aiv Explain the correct actions to take if an individual tells you they are being abused If someone tells you they are a victim of abuse, take what they seriously, stay calm, and listen to them, if possible make a written or recorded account, which should be dated and signed, you should also make them aware that medical evidence might be required, offer them help and support ,tell them they can talk to you. Av Identify how to ensure that any evidence of abuse is kept safe. wriiten reports,paper work etc need to be kept safe. Dont wash clothes bedding etc.photographs could be used for evidence,body charts. Avi Identify the national polices that set out requirements for safeguarding individuals The first priority should always be to ensure the Safety and protection of vulnerable adults. To this end it is the responsibility of all staff to act on any suspicion or evidence of abuse or Neglect, and to pass on their concerns to a Responsible person/agency. Avii Identify the local and organisational systems for safeguarding Plans to strengthen the protection of vulnerable adults by making it a legal requirement for all local authorities to have a Safeguarding Adults Board were today announced by Care Services Minister Paul Burstow. Safeguarding Adults Boards provide vital leadership to those involved in adult safeguarding work across the full range of safeguarding issues. These range from serious incidents in hospitals and institutional abuse in care settings to financial abuse and “scams”, bullying and victimisation. Speaking at the Capita Conference on Adult Safeguarding, Mr Burstow will also outline the new Government guiding principles on safeguarding which seek to increase the protection for those most at risk in society. The principles outline the Government’s objective to prevent and reduce the risk of harm to vulnerable people and set out the key issues,

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