Abstraction Essay

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Luis Zayas Michael Humanities 11 16 January 2009 Abstraction Abstraction is in a lot of places, which is mostly everywhere but it is just not known. The original definition of abstraction is that it is “the process of separating the qualities of something from the actual physical concept/object that they belong to” (Webster’s Dictionary). Those qualities can be a word, symbol, picture, sound, ect. that represents an idea or concept of something real. In other words abstraction is an idea or a drawing or picture of something. Like for example if there is a drawing or picture of a chair then it is an abstraction because it is not a real chair it is just a picture of one which is a representation (abstraction) of one, which would remind you of a real chair. Abstraction can also be like the sound of something, like a dog barking or something. The bark of a dog is the sound that a dog makes so it would remind you of a dog because you know it is the sound that a dog makes. Even though that sound comes from a dog the sound itself is not a dog, so whoever hears it gets the idea of a dog which makes it an abstraction. A word can also be abstraction, because if someone is reading and then they come across the word “book” and read it. They would know that that word would be talking about a book because that is what it says. Then because of that, that person would get the idea of a book even though the word “book” is not a real book, therefore a word can be an abstraction too. What people think, their thoughts, is abstraction because if someone were to think about a certain thing then it is an abstraction because what they are thinking about is not real. Yet, we abstract all the time without knowing it. Even this essay is abstracting, or abstraction. Even also thinking or talking about abstraction is abstracting. Abstraction is everywhere. There are two things though
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