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Proposal Recent technological, economic and social trends in India have produced an environment that promotes the demand of mobile communication services. This has caused dramatic changes in the mobile communications value chain that is in a state of flux. With the advent of technology and smart phones becoming more powerful and affordable, mobile Internet (3G and 2G) has seen tremendous growth in India. As per TRAI, currently there are 175 million mobile internet subscribers in India. With mobile internet growing at such a huge rate, a comprehensive understanding of how an individual makes a choice is needed. This thesis proposes to analyze the decision to adopt mobile internet services in terms of two cognitive processes of reasoning and referencing. It has both theoretical and practical value. Theoretically, it depicts the manner in which referencing and reasoning influence individual’s decision making in adopting innovative services in mobile telecommunications. From a practical perspective, it can help generate useful insights for telecom players. Objectives * Analyze the role of reasoning and referencing in adoption of mobile internet services * Reasoning refers to evaluation of service dimensions such as attributes or features mainly Pricing, Offers, Packages and Network Quality * Referencing refers to the process of comparison of new services to existing services available to users. Wifi (on phone) and PC Internet (Dongle, Wifi, LAN) are included in the scope of the study Methodology To attain analyze our propositions, I plan to conduct a survey among students at FMS and other campuses as well as working professionals through face to face interaction and social networking sites. Convenience sampling will be used and hygiene questions will be a part of the survey questionnaire to filter out irrelevant

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