Abstract Expressionism Essay

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Sam North Essay on Line “The Line. A Line is a basic element of art, referring to a continuous mark, made on a surface, by a moving point” I wish to investigate how mark making and the use of the line has changed over the course of time from the Renaissance era of Leonardo Da Vinci to artist Cy Twombly from the modern movement of Abstract Expressionism. I wish to explore the question of what has changed in our understanding of the line and mark making. I will look at the earlier historical work of Leonardo Da Vinci and compare and contrast them with Cy Twomblys. In order for me to do this it is vital to look at the different movements they belong to and how these movements have changed the perception and our understanding of line. I also need to understand Renaissance value systems and the contrast of Abstract Expressionism. Different eras have changed the use of line the Renaissance era in Italy began a rebirth and did this by revisiting the classical Greek and Latin artistic traditions in order to change they had to study the golden age of the ancient Greeks and Romans. This rebirth started a departure from the themes of the middle ages and the religious influence, therefore starting a new value system for a more modern secular world (R.H.Wilenski 1930) Abstract expressionism the post World War 2 Art movement is a much more unconventional way of mark making when compared with the Renaissance era. The works of abstract expressionism depicted forms not found in natural day to day life. They emphasised freedom of emotional expression and technique they displayed a single unified undifferentiated field or other image in unstructured space and the canvases were large in order to depict and enhance the visual effect. The abstract expressionists work is free and loosely structured and essentially avoid any clear or bold representational

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