Abstract Essay on Faith

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Faith From the beginning of time man has developed faith, trying to believe in a force that excedes humanity not to lose hope. By nature, human beings yearn to believe in something, perhaps to feel content when reason no longer responds. It does not matter if faith refers to something religious or mundane, or an own belief, the important thing is to believe, to have conviction, to have hope of what we need can happen, and being aware of our limitations, to be finite, being mortals, we place that faith in an outside. It is like a dream where everything goes. In faith everything is possible. By definition, faith does not rely on logical proof or material evidence. Faith is a very powerful word and has a broad usage. Every single person who believes in any kind of god or deity must have faith because it is impossible to prove the existence of such beings. A few synonyms of faith are: confidence, trust, reliance, assurance, conviction, devotion, and loyalty. Faith is the confident certainty in the truth, value, or trustworthiness of a person, idea, or anything else which is not based on concrete proof or evidence. It is practically invisible but we can feel it, we can percive it between us, besides it is sometimes difficult to recognize. Faith takes place in the most unexpected moments, in the most difficult circumstances of life. Even the skeptics need to believe in those desperate moments, when from the human all hopes are depleted. For instance, the plane crash in the Andes is a clear example of faith. In the film “Viven” we can observe the immediate reaction after the tragedy in which all resorted to faith for the miracle took place. Another common example is given in extreme cases of disease. In such cases is necessary to have faith, believe that something is still possible, and that “something” is given by the faith. We can also understand faith as a more

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