Abstract Composition Essay

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Delmar Agtina Period 3 Light pushing it’s way into my eyes, as if they were telling me to wake me up. Anxiously I hopped out bed. Trying to make my way through my room, it was difficult because of all the instruments lying still on the floor. After getting ready, I stuffed my music into my bag. I grabbed my sax and headed out the door. Arriving at school, I seen all of the familiar faces. Friends were reuniting, after a long time. Teachers and staff welcoming back their students. Students comparing schedules to see if they had the same classes. As I finally had gotten my list of classes, My stomach growled fiercely at me. So I decided to eat breakfast at the cafe. Entering the cafe I seen the usual. Scattered groups of students where they sat on. While eating my breakfast, I had brought out the schedule to take a look at my classes. In order I had, music, math, english, woodshop, Japanese, and science. I continued to eat my breakfast and I guess my appetite gotten the best of me. I scooped up cereal with my spoon as if it was a tractor. Finally finishing my breakfast, and with a great timing the bell had rung. I had grabbed my things and headed for class. I got to my first period and went inside. To my surprise, I seen many students with their instruments. Scanning for the sax section, I went ahead and took my seat, alongside me were two other sax players. Second bell had warned us class is beginning. Out came a tall caucasian man, with glasses. “My name is Mr. Willis, and I be your music teacher,” he anounced He continued and followed statement with a long speech about music. At the end of his speech, he demanded the students to introduce ourselves. It was finally my turn and I stood up. Because of my height I had looked down at my fellow classmates. I confidently announced “My name is Michael Ford and my instrument I play is the saxophone.” Mr. Willis

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