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TITLE: REMOTE CONTROLLING OF HOUSE APPLIANCES THROUGH INTERNET ENABLED MOBILE PHONE TEAM MEMBERS: SATISH KUMAR 11891A0597 SUDEEP KUMAR PANDEY 11891A05B1 NIHAL KURRE 11891A0591 GUIDE NAME: Mr. N. SRI ANJANEYA Assistant Professor * * * * * * ABSTRACT In modern days, we must use various high-tech machineries and equipment’s to get our jobs done and make the life easier. These machineries should be controlled by the homeowner from any location as the homeowner might be away from home at workplace or traveling in a different place in the weekend. Thus a system of remote monitoring and controlling are very much necessary. Smart home is one of these types of system equipped with home appliances which we wish to control smartly from anywhere. Some products are commercially available which allow remote home appliance controlling through internet which is undoubtedly emerging. But it lacks the true sense of real mobility and security, making the remote home appliance controlling a limited term than it is supposed to be. In search of a true remote and adequately secure solution to be really effective and practicable, mobile telephony is better than any other solutions. Mobile phones have become almost an inseparable part of civil lives today. In this project we introduce a new mechanism so that the ordinary services of the mobile phones can be leveraged to communicate with and control the home appliances and make our homes a really smart one. The objective of this project is to enable users to remotely control their home appliances and systems using a cell phone-based interface. To access the control unit, the user should send an authentication

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