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1. Bibliographic Citation: Dann, J. (2003). Can Khakis Really Be Disruptive? Strategy And Innovation, 3-3. 2. Introduction: The purpose of this article is to introduce the new idea Dockers has created in order to differentiate themselves in the fashion market as well as give a new look to a classic style of Khakis. 3. Discussion: The author states how the revolution of Khakis will now evolve and expand into a new market segment. Before, Khakis were targeted for consumers who had an upscale lifestyle but now, Dockers will include technological innovation in the classic pants. The company is changing the competition by becoming known innovators and setting themselves apart from the rest of their competition. The plan is to target a new type of consumer, one who does not know how to do their laundry or dress in the business casual environment. The company of Dockers researched this type of market and created a new pair of pants with technology in order to suite this consumer. The company researched companies and their dress codes in the business fields, which showed that the amount of companies who allowed their employees to dress business casual rose by 40%. The company will continue to innovate new technologies in order to embed them into their clothing to support fashion challenged men. 4. Evaluation: The author did a thorough job by informing the reader of what they should expect in the coming months in the fashion field. The article was pushed more towards men, in order to let them know that help is coming on the way. The author put the article in a way that catches the attention of the intended target market by using examples such as iron less men or men who do not even know how to do laundry. The article was more of an unofficial advertisement as well as informative. 5. Keywords: Marketplace, market segment, innovation,

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