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ABSTRACT Summary is a concept that describes the action and the result of summarizing or summarized . It is also synthesized manifestation of a particular case or matter . A summary , therefore , can be defined as a brief exposure and specific content of a material can be written or audiovisual nature. This summary is limited to name the most important ideas, ie excludes irrelevant data and does not provide room for subjective interpretations , reviews and includes the identity of the analysis was performed . STEPS 1. The most important parts of the text are underlined to highlight the most significant ideas and identify keywords . February . Underlined is outlined . Three . Heading where it is common that data appear as the title or author, 4 . The body is what can be called abstract as such , the classification is not always mandatory , and finally the firm who takes one . NATIONAL COMMISSION FOR HUMAN RIGHTS BASIC NEEDS This vulnerable group constantly facing problems such as poverty, discrimination, marginalization , unemployment and lack of opportunities for social development. The precariousness in which the majority of them is reflected in their homes that lack solid floor and the most basic services . Mexican state corresponds to design and implement public policies that guarantee the right to adequate housing . The lack of these basic necessities favors the presence of respiratory and gastrointestinal diseases that particularly affect children and the elderly in these communities. According to figures from international organizations, in our country there were 15.7 million Indians. Eight out of 10 of them are poor and , according to official data, 66.8 percent of the houses in which they live do not have drainage tubing to the public network ; 11.8 percent lack toilets and 19.5 percent have dirt floors.

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