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Abstract A glimpse into human civilisation a century ago will reveal stark differences in the way we lived then and now. In today’s highly globalised and intensely competitive environment, the hectic lifestyle of many has resulted in a proliferation of people taking away their food and beverages for convenience. Especially for beverages, disposable cups of various materials are made for the purpose of taking away instead of using reusable ones. Nonetheless, the choices of materials selected by vendors more often than not take into consideration their cost factors rather than their heat retentivity. Since little emphasis has been placed on ensuring the warmness of the beverage, this report will aim to establish the best choice of cups to be used, hence enabling vendors and consumers to acquire a better knowledge on heat retentivity. An experiment was carried out using reusable and disposable cups of different materials filled with hot water. Commonly used materials like ceramic, glass and stainless steel were used for the reusable cups while paper, polystyrene and polypropylene were used for the disposable cups. The temperature was recorded at regular intervals and the final temperature was noted after 10 minutes. From the experiment, it was found that the polystyrene and glass cup had the highest heat retentivity while polypropylene and stainless steel had the lowest heat retentivity. Although there were slight deviations in the dimensions of the cups, the experiment results obtained were consistent to what was expected theoretically, therefore enabling consumers and vendors to make informed choices prudently. (250

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