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CATAPANG, MIA LAURA A. 2014.Sweet Potato Tops(Ipomoea batatas), Madre de Cacao leaves( Gliciridia Sepium) and Chicken Eggshells Nutrient Enhancer for Layering Quails. Fame Academy of Science and Technology, Taal, Batangas. ABSTRACT Sweet potato tops(Ipomoea batatas), madre de cacao leaves(Gliciridia sepium) and chicken eggshells were used as nutrient enhancer because of their nutrient contents The researcher generally decided to produce a nutrient enhancer for commercial feeds of layering quails.This study specifically aimed to: 1.)evaluate which of the treatments is the most effective based on the number of laid eggs: 2.) determine which is the most effective treatment in terms of number of laid eggs: and 3.)compare the most effective treatment and the control group(commercial feed). Four treatments were prepared with three (3) replicates each.Treatment 1 (T1) 500g commercial feed,300 g sweet potato tops,150g madre de cacao leaves and 50g chicken eggshells; Treatment 2 (T2) 500g commercial feed,150 g sweet potato tops,300g madre de cacao leaves and 50g chicken eggshells; Treatment 3 (T3) 500g commercial feed,200 g sweet potato tops,200g madre de cacao leaves and 100g chicken eggshells, and Treatment 4(T4) serves as the control group,1000g commercial feed. Each treatment were fed everyday for 10 days adaption, and 14 days for the experimental period. The eggs laid by the quails were recorded daily for fourteen consecutive days. Using analysis of variance (ANOVA), results showed that there is significant difference between the treatments and using simple arithmetic mean,with Fcritical= 8.85 at df = 8/3 at 0.05 level of significance while Fcomputed = 12.85. Since Fcomputed is greater than Fcritical then the null hypothesis was rejected. Therefore,the treatments of quail feeds applied to the quails differ significantly. Using simple arithmetic mean it was showed

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