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Abstract This study investigates how the political communication has developed through the years and to what extend political spin can be compared to manipulation. The social study-book “Politik-ABC” contains a figure that is used to analyse and estimate the development of political communication. The figure showed some remarkable changes in the political communication since the middle 1800’ths till today. In the pre-modern period (1800-1950), the politicians created relations between the voters and themselves. This way of communication was very direct, and therefore the media did not play a very big part in the political system. In the following years, the political communication developed. The direct relations between the politicians and the voters were diminished, and more communication happened through the media. This is when the politic communication-strategy “spin” starts to show as we know it today through professional educated advisors. The study concludes that spin as a political communication-strategy, has a tendency to get out of hand, and become manipulation. To confirm this, the case about whether the Danish prime minister Helle Thorning Schmidt’s husband is taxable or not, is very relevant. The case has been mentioned a lot in the media lately, and it shows significant disclosures of the old Ministry of Taxation who has tried to leak personal and illegal information about Helle Thorning right before the election, with the purpose to reduce her chances of winning. This is a perfect example of how spin has become a way by which politicians can convince voters about everything, through tactless methods:

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