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Eric Ries Saint Xavier University Juvenile Delinquency Abstract I was inspired to do research on juvenile delinquency by reading Anthony Platt, “The Child Savers”, Sanford J. Fox, “Juvenile Justice Reform”, and Christopher Murray, Chris Baird, etc “Safety and Welfare Plan”. In this report I define the role of the U.S juvenile protection policies by means of the Parens Patriae Doctrine. I displayed reasons why state juvenile facilities need strategic methods to curve repeat the juvenile recidivisms. The crucial look at how Juvenile Delinquent Centers evaluate the intake of children that come through their door for treatment. The educational goal, and the type of education that will be productive in the future global markets was offered as a way to curve the appetite for future crimes. I offer my stance on reforming the juvenile justice center and what the state should be doing according to the many reference that were peer reviewed. Juvenile Delinquency Every state in the U.S governs their constituents for the common good of society. The 10th and 14th Amendment to the Constitution ensure the right of the state to take the necessary action to up lift the people that reside within it’s boarders. The condition of parents raising children in this nation plays a vital role in the future of this country. Each state in the U.S has set up special courts to punish the troubled youth to deter them from getting into continued illegal activities. It was imperative of each state to set a court system of correction to protect the juvenile from harden criminals that were incarcerated and the existing criminal justice system that was established for adults (survival). Now that a court system has been put in place for juvenile delinquency, reformatory institutions should align their conditions for productivity. Katsiyannis, A., Ryan, J. B., Zhang, D., & Spann, A.

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