Abstinence in Teens

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Abstract Sexual Abstinence is abstaining from sexual intercourse. Abstinence is something that is not prevalent in today’s society but should be encouraged, especially in out teenagers. There are many reasons why persons become abstinent, 2 of the most popular being to avoid pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. Some persons find it hard to abstain, but it is important to remember the reason why you made the commitment. Abstinence has begun to lower the rates of teenage pregnancy both in the United States of America and in the Bahamas. As it becomes more widespread in our country, it will surely have a positive impact on our society. Abstinence in Teens Advocates for Youth said, “Accurate, balanced sex education-including information about contraception and condoms-is a basic human right of youth” (p. 1). Today’s youth should be thoroughly informed of what sex entails and how effective and beneficial the use of contraceptives are. One of the main types of contraception rarely used today is abstinence. Special attention should be placed on abstinence because of the level of importance it holds. Abstinence, although frowned upon by many in today’s society has proven to have a positive impact on a significant number of persons. Abstinence is a self enforced restraint of not having or doing something that is wanted or enjoyable and brings pleasure. This term is frequently used when speaking of sexual abstinence, which is the practice of abstaining from sexual intercourse (Merriam Webster Online Dictionary, 2014). Persons who decide to practice abstinence are person who have decided not to have sex. Abstinence is mainly frowned upon because it is not viewed as being ‘cool’ or something that is popular. The CDC Youth Risk Behaviour Surveillance Unit conducted a study in 2013 to survey high school students. The study showed that 46.8% has never had sexual

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